Connection is one of the key aspects to create a beautiful image. The more at ease and aligned you feel with your photographer, the more opportunity there will be to capture you in a real way. So until we have that opportunity, I'll try my best to give you a little snap shot of me!

I'm an 80's baby and a 90's kid at heart. I long for the simpler days. I love to jam to old school tunes and you can count on seeing nostalgic content in my IG stories! *Insert shameless instagram plug* lol

My husband likes to call me an island hippie, and he's not wrong! I was born and raised on Vancouver Island. Its a wildly majestic place, where barefoot adventures in endless natural beauty are everywhere to be found! It is my favourite place to be, if you've never been, you definitely need to make a trip sometime!

I haven't always been a photographer, I actually used to work a 9-5 job downtown Calgary. I  know it doesn't even sound like me, it didn't feel like me either! During this time I felt a career in the creative field wasn't a possibility if I wanted to be "successful". On paper the job was fantastic, but it never felt like it aligned with who I was, and left me longing for something more. That something came in the form of an entry level DSLR which was given as a wedding gift. It brought me right back to a passion I'd left in the high school dark room! I dove head first into every opportunity to learn and grow with the camera! I eventually pushed all my fears to the wayside, quit my 9-5 and went all in! And guess what, I have never had a single regret chasing this dream!

Our three kids quickly became the stars of my photography journey, they will forever be my muses! I hope my pictures give the opportunity to relive a little slice of their childhood! My personal projects and self portraits not only document our life, but further my journey of growth. It's tremendously important to me to ensure my performance is fine tuned and polished for my clients and students! 

I feel honoured I have the opportunity to share the in's and out's of my experience openly and honestly through education for photographers. To be entrusted to guide others on their own journey has brought me great personal expansion and I am so grateful for that! What an absolute gift to see the evolution and growth of others in their photography, business and lives! 

About Liz

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From start to finish Liz produces the most amazing photos! She has this knack of capturing the feel of the moment, and I can see the love through our pictures. I’m so grateful we were able to book with her. My family now has timeless pieces that I can cherish for forever ♥️


Liz is truly an artist with with an incredible talent for creating and capturing magic. We have a loud crazy family and Liz was absolutely genius with our boys translating the chaos into beauty. She was able to highlight the sweet, the quirky, the silly but most of all the love in each of us. These photos are unique and personal and help tell our story. I will forever treasure them as I know one day, my boys will too!


Liz is an incredible family photographer with an eye for details that sets her photos apart. She is a mom herself, so she understands how hectic and special family life can be and will set you at ease immediately. She is able to get stunning family photos with almost zero cooperation from tiny subjects. Liz recently did a session for my family where my two kids literally just ran away the entire time and got covered in mud and yet she somehow managed to take magical photos so beautiful I can't believe it's actually us.

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